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Our Community Supported Fishery


Catch 49 provides Alaskans with delicious high-quality wild seafood, responsibly-harvested by Alaska's small boat fishermen and delivered to areas stretching from Homer to Fairbanks. Your fishermen are local Alaska residents, and we strive to have your catch processed and handled by independent, family-run processors. Not only does this keep the value of this incredible resource in our Alaskan communities, it ensures that you receive the freshest, most premium product possible -- one that has has traveled only a short distance through very few hands to reach your table. 

We work with local fishermen and businesses to curate seasonal seafood offerings while helping stewardship-minded fishermen get a better price for their catch. Profits are invested in Alaska Marine Conservation Council's efforts to ensure our vibrant fisheries remain healthy for generations to come.

Our selections are tailored to Alaskans’ big appetite for seafood: we sell larger volumes of custom-processed seafood that is frozen, vacuum-sealed and ready for your freezer. Based on a Community Supported Fishery model, we’ve been using our connections across coastal Alaska and deep knowledge of fisheries to bring Alaskans trusted seafood since 2010.

Best Fish Connector 2016 


“The quality and freshness of the products can’t be beat. The prices are comparable to what you’d pay in the stores if you could get [the same quality product], but we really enjoy the freshness and eating local and supporting the fishermen."

— Kristen L., Anchorage



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Catch 49 has a passion and a purpose. Our values run deep. See them all



Marine Ecosystem Integrity and Thriving Coastal Communities

We work to protect and restore the marine environment through sustainable fishing practices, habitat protection, and local stewardship. We invite you to join us. Learn more



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