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Catch 49 has passion and purpose. We are committed to supporting local, in-state fishers & processors, and serving as a conduit in providing local, sustainable seafood to fellow Alaskans who share our values for maintaining a healthy marine ecosystem. We value the significance of seafood in the lifestyles and livelihoods of all Alaskans.


No. 1  |  Caught by Alaskans for Alaskans

We believe Alaska seafood is one of our state’s greatest assets and Catch 49 is a win/win for the fishermen, processors and Alaska seafood lovers alike.



No. 2  |  Community-Based Quality Fishermen and Product

Catch 49 supports fishermen who live and work in the communities where they fish. They’re one of “us” and for that, we strive to pay them a higher price for their catch. That added boost can range from 10-100%, all while encouraging best handling practices that maintain a top quality product.



No. 3  |  Sustainability

We encourage best fishing practices to protect habitat, minimize bycatch, and ensure healthy fish populations.



No. 4  |  Independent Processors

We do our best to partner with Alaskan-owned and -operated companies to process your catch. It’s all done here, strengthening local food systems by providing greater access to seafood for Alaskans.



No. 5  |  Social Enterprise

We strive to educate Alaskans on the importance of knowing the “who” and “how” behind the seafood they eat. Catch 49 is a social enterprise of Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) and supports AMCC’s mission to ensure healthy Alaskan fisheries and thriving coastal communities.