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Mackenzie and Jay Lund empty Tanner Crab from a pot










The Tanner Crab Fishermen-Charlie Peterson

Charlie and Theresa Peterson met in the early 1980s while longlining in the Bering Sea. With hard work and fair pay they soon realized they could combine their saved crew shares and buy their own boat. They purchased their first boat in 1988 and began seining around Kodiak Island. Twenty three years and three children later they’re grateful to still be earning a living from the sea and enjoying the rugged splendor of Kodiak Island. The family depends on access to a variety of fisheries to make a living: Tanner crab, Pacific cod, herring, salmon and halibut. All three Peterson children lend a hand with the family business in the summer months. Employing clean fishing practices with minimal bycatch while producing the highest quality product is a priority for the Petersons. Theresa Peterson is also a respected and tireless advocate for fisheries sustainability and working waterfronts in her community and across Alaska. She is AMCC’s Kodiak Outreach Coordinator and is a voting member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.