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Share Size

Share sizes come in the volumes/quantities listed. If you are interested in our products but this seems like too much for your own personal consumption or freezer space, we encourage you to share with a friend. Because getting an exact weight can be difficult with fillets of fish, share sizes on orders of fish will be within .3 lbs. of the quantity ordered.


Pickup Time & Location

By purchasing a seafood share, you are agreeing to pick it up at the designated location on the provided date and time. Due to the variable nature of fishing and sometimes complex logistics, this may sometimes fluctuate. Hence, this program requires some flexibility. If we change the date and location of pickup, we will do our best to accommodate you if you have a conflict. We will of course update you on any changes to pickup time and locations, but it is still your responsibility to pick up your share at the specified time and location. Failure to pick up your share at the specified location and time may result in forfeiture of your share, unless you contact us prior to the pickup date requesting alternate arrangements. You are more than welcome to send a friend to pick up your share for you.



It is critical that you provide a valid email address and phone number for us to communicate with you about your order. As a subscriber, it is your responsibility to look for emails from us regarding pickup dates and delivery times. As a courtesy, we sometimes make phone calls, but email is our primary way of communicating with subscribers.


Cancellations & Refunds

We’re happy if you’re happy! Cancellations/refunds will be issued up to one week before pickup minus a 15% processing fee. But please only cancel if absolutely necessary. Only a certain amount of seafood is available each season and by vouching for a share that you have to cancel, you may be making that same product unavailable for another person.

We stand behind our seafood and our fishermen and strive to provide the highest quality seafood. However, if there is a mix-up or if you feel the product is below standard, please contact us directly at catch49@akmarine.org or (907) 317-0594 so that we can fix the problem and restore your faith in our seafood.


Other Details

It’s seafood! And seafood is delicious! But it’s also fragile and perishable. You are responsible for proper care, handling, and storage after pickup.


Know Your Product Form

The product form (whether it is frozen fillets, vacuum-sealed, number of pounds in a package, whether it is pin-boned etc.) is listed on our website. Please pay attention to how it is packed to ensure it comes in a manner you can utilize. If you have any questions, please call our office at (907) 317-0594 or email catch49@akmarine.org before ordering.