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Who: Darius Kasprzak, Leonard Carpenter, Nate Rose, Charlie Peterson, Glenn Crocetti and other small-boat fishermen
Where: Kodiak Island, Alaska
How: Small boats, hand-tended hook and line jigging
Season: Year-round

Through a unique partnership between AMCC and the Alaska Jig Association, jig-caught black and dusky rockfish are available to consumers through Kodiak Jig Seafoods. When you purchase this fish it will be clear that quality, conservation, and community are the focus of the entire operation. By purchasing through AMCC’s Community Supported Fishery, Catch 49, you can help increase profitability for low-impact, local jig fishermen.

Kodiak Jig Seafoods takes incredible pride in the hand-tended hook and line jig fishery, because fishermen are the first step in delivering an outstanding product. Short trips, live immersion bleeding and chilling the catch in slush ice on board are just a few of the techniques used to deliver daily on the promise of exceptional quality. Jig-caught seafood has one of the lowest bycatch rates and environmental impacts of any fishery in Alaska and the fish can be traced to the very boat and Kodiak-based fishermen who caught it. Not to mention, fishermen earn 40-100% more for their catch through this program. At Kodiak Jig Seafoods, the triple-bottom line is sought out from the boat to your plate.


“To jig is to be transported back to the primal essence of fishing. The hand-tended hook & line technique, which is among the oldest of the nautical traditions, is how one sustainably harvests & handles premium seafood. Jig fishing is not only a low impact & ecosystem conscious fishing practice, it connects local hire to closely knit seaports & villages.”

– Darius Kasprzak, Kodiak Jig fisherman and President of the Alaska Jig Association