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Who: Kirk Heardcastle, Winston Warr, and other small boat fishermen
Where: Taku River Inlet, Juneau
How: Small boats, drift gill nets
Season: September

Catch 49 is proud to offer top-quality, pressure-bled coho (silver) salmon from Taku River Reds.  Taku River Reds is a small, family-run salmon operation based out of Juneau that prides itself on producing the finest salmon. Each salmon is carefully handled and pressure bled to ensure the highest quality possible. Taku River coho are much larger than your average coho. You could call this fish the "cadillac" of coho! The Hardcastle and Warr families that operates the business are extremely committed to sustainability and are actively engaged in protecting habitat and supporting healthy fisheries.

“Sustainability is in our DNA, it's at the core of everything we do at Taku River Reds.  From utilizing as much of the salmon as possible to recycling our materials, we take every step possible to reduce our footprint on the planet and ensure that our wild salmon fisheries remain sustainable for future generations.”

-Winston Warr (Company Partner and Fisherman of Taku River Reds)