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Who: Eric Fleming (F/V Bubba), Richard & Joseph Person (F/V Traveler)
Where: Prince William Sound (PWS), Whittier
How: Small boats, small pots
Season: April 15th-GHL (Guideline Harvest Level)

Catch of the Season is excited to partner up with various family-oriented, small-boat independent fishermen to offer this delicious crustacean!  Being the closest wild prawn fishery to southcentral AK, we love keeping this harvest nearest its source.  More Alaskans need to try this delicious treasure that lies just at our feet in beautiful Prince William Sound.

Our fishermen are Alaska residents and live in the communities of Homer, Whittier, and Chugiak. They are all involved in other fisheries throughout the state and are veterans of their trade. With that in mind, we can ensure you that all shrimp participating are top quality tails! Each batch of shrimp is chilled when brought on board, heads-popped, and brought to the tunnel town of Whittier for further value-added processing and transport. This process allows for the flavor to remain highest and keeps more dollars and seafood in local economies rather than being exported, as much of the industry does unfortunately.

The PWS spot shrimp fishery rotates on a yearly basis in between 3 different areas. This is done to ensure adequate and responsible management of the resource. All shrimp are harvested using small pots which is one of the most marine-friendly forms of fishing today.


"We fish for those who chose not, or cannot, fish for themselves. Marine conservation is essential to the production of some of the best food the world has to offer. Healthy fisheries bring economic support to the families that engage in them and quickly diffuse capital throughout their communities via the many businesses that they work with."

-Richard Person, F/V Traveler