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Who: Don Stiles, George Lewis and other small boat fishermen
Where: Norton Sound, AK
How: Small boats, pots
Season: Summer-Fall

Catch 49 and Norton Sound Seafood Products works together to bring Alaskan seafood lovers the unmatched sweetness and tenderness of the species so many of us love: Alaskan red king crab! Harvested in the icy waters of Norton Sound, the northern-most crab fishery in the country, this crab is not only big on taste, it boasts strong sustainability and community standards in the Norton Sound region. Since the 1990s, the crab fishery in this region has operated as an exclusively local, small boat fishery resulting in one of the most sustainable and stable crab populations in Alaska.

Through research focusing on crab migration along with population surveys, the Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation has helped manage the fishery in a way that ensures commercial crabbers and those who rely on the species for subsistence have a robust crab population they can depend on. When you purchase Norton Sound red king crab through Catch 49, you are supporting a small, artisan fishery comprised of crabbers who pull lines by hand from the Norton Sound waters and call the region their home. Between the quality of the product, the sustainable management of the fishery, and the economic support of small-boat fishermen, AMCC couldn’t be more thrilled to offer Norton Sound red king crab to Alaskan seafood consumers.


What our customers have to say:

“I love the seafood and fish we get through the Catch 49 program. The crab is my favorite…”

“Everything I’ve received from Catch 49 (crab, rockfish, cod and salmon) has been fantastic. It’s why we keep coming back.”