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Who: Nathan Hill & Billy Sarandria
Where: Bristol Bay, Naknek
How: Small boats, set gillnet
Season: June - August

This summer, we're proud to offer Bristol Bay sockeye salmon harvested by Nathan Hill and his nephew Billy Sarandria on their family's set-net site on North Naknek beach. Your salmon is filleted, vacuum-packed and flash-frozen with the utmost care by family-owned Kvichak Fish Co.


My husband is scared I’ll tell him to sell his fishing boat because the quality of the red salmon product was the best I’d seen in my lifetime for a reasonable price.

— Grace O., Anchorage



[Photo by Kally DiMarzio (Flynn) of Flynn Fotography]

Nathan and Billy hail from a multi-generational fishing family with deep roots in Bristol Bay. Nathan is one of six children who grew up set-netting with his parents, BJ and Pete Hill. Today, Nathan fishes with his nephew Billy on a productive set-net site on North Naknek beach.

Nathan is a year-round Bristol Bay resident and serves as Lake and Peninsula Borough Manager. He resides in the village of Kokhanok, located on the south shore of Lake Iliamna. When Billy's not fishing, you'll find him in Juneau, where he works as a school teacher and lives with his wife and baby. He returns to Bristol Bay each summer to fish and spend time with his close-knit family.

[Photo by Kally DiMarzio (Flynn) of Flynn Fotography]

Keep it cold and cut it fast. Kvichak Fish Co. works relentlessly to preserve the pristine quality of their salmon. In an ocean of large processors, family-owned Kvichak Fish Co. stands out for partnering with a small handful of fishermen that live by their guiding principle: handle with care. Working in small loads means that Kvichak's crew can focus on the details that result in the best quality sockeye salmon possible.

[Photo courtesy Kvichak Fish]

Our salmon are taken from the nets, live-bled, put on slush ice, cut, packaged and frozen at -35 F within hours of being caught. This ensures that the fresh quality of the fish is maintained for far longer than a home-processed product.

[Photo courtesy Kvichak Fish]


    Excellent product and service. My suggestion is to order more than you think you’ll want. I should have ordered twice as much for my first order.

    — Linda H., Fairbanks