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Wildfish Cannery Smoked White King Salmon

Wildfish Cannery Smoked White King Salmon

Wildfish Cannery Smoked White King Salmon


Highly sought-after white king salmon, often marketed as "ivory king," represent a mere five percent of the total king salmon population in Alaska, and many believe the white king's flavor is more delectable than their red-colored counterpart—you'll never know until you try! We recommend purchasing quickly to secure an ample supply of this unique curiosity from the sea. 


  • 6 oz can, shelf-stable, ready to eat
  • Wildfish Cannery smoked king salmon begins with harvested off the coast of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska by Greg McMillan on the FV Keta One.
  • The king salmon is then smoked and canned using Scaletta's time-honored craft methods.

Tasting Notes: As food journalist Naomi Tomky recently wrote for Saveur Magazine, "this can impressed tasters more than the standard king." You can expect the delicate yet rich flavor of Omega-3 packed King salmon, plus a sweetness from the tender flesh balanced by gentle alder smoke notes. Then there’s the color. While all that separates a white King from the red is its inability to process pigments, its rarity sets it apart. When you want something extra special, this is it. Treat yourself. 

Nutrition Facts:

  • Excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • High quality protein
  • Selenium and phosphorous
  • Good source of potassium

Preparation Tips:

Perfect for eating straight from the can, or as the protein source in your favorite dips and spreads, or flaked in salads, fresh rolls, or pasta.

Wildfish Cannery was founded in 1987 to carry on the craft and time-honored traditions of the region in the small seaside town of Klawock, home to Alaska’s very first salmon cannery more than a century ago. Klawock, located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska, has a population of just 796, most of whom consider fishing an essential part of life. Today, Wildfish Cannery is now run by chef and grandson of the founder Mathew Scaletta, who is dedicated to melding his fine dining background, honed in foodie paradise Portland, Oregon, with his family’s craft.