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Wild Alaska Halibut (ANC)

Wild Alaska Halibut (ANC)

Wild Alaska Halibut (ANC)


Catch 49's longline-caught Alaska halibut is harvested outside of Kodiak, Alaska by Alaska-resident fishing family Len, Anita, Tristen, Matt, and Traci Carpenter of the F/V Fish Tale. Alaska's halibut season runs from mid-March through mid-November; this catch was harvested in September of 2020.   


  • Longline harvested by the Carpenter family outside of Kodiak, Alaska
  • Packaged as 1-lb frozen, vacuum-sealed, boneless, skin-off portions
  • Available in 10-pound shares

Flavor & Texture:

  • Sweet, delicate flavor with a firm and flaky texture and pure, snow-white flesh.

Nutrition Facts:

  • A naturally lean fish. A good source of potassium and magnesium. Low in overall calories, fat, and sodium

Preparation Tips:

  • Maintains its shape and is suitable for all types of cooking methods and ethnic applications. Great for grilling or roasting. Known as the “steak of seafood”.