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Halibut (ANC)

Halibut (ANC)

Halibut (ANC)


This beautiful snow white Halibut was harvested in October 2022 by the Carpenter Family and processed by Native-owned microprocessor Kodiak WildSource. 

The Carpenters are a multigenerational fishing family operating the F/V Fish Tale out of Kodiak. They have been a long time partner of Catch 49 not only because of the superior quality of their catch, but because of our shared values of sustainability, healthy stewardship of the fishery, and the importance of family, community, and our unique Alaskan way of life. 


  • Longline harvested 
  • Packaged as 1-2lb frozen, vacuum-sealed, boneless, skin-off portions
  • Available in 10-pound shares

Flavor & Texture:

  • Sweet, delicate flavor with a firm and flaky texture and pure, snow-white flesh.

Nutrition Facts:

  • A naturally lean fish. A good source of potassium and magnesium. Low in overall calories, fat, and sodium

Preparation Tips:

  • Maintains its shape and is suitable for all types of cooking methods and ethnic applications. Great for grilling or roasting. Known as the “steak of seafood”.